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Welcome to the SPARQL endpoint for TCGA. You may use this interface to perform complex SPARQL queries on an RDF representation of data from the TCGA project. The RDF representation of TCGA was achieved by representing data elements from the TCGA dataset as statements from the S3DB Core Model (see S3DB Core Model for more information on the S3DB Core Model). As such, the RDF graph that fuels this endpoint is structured according the S3DB Core Model entities: Collections, Items, Rules and Statements. The advantage of this annotation is that entities that belong to the description of the domain are annotated as "Collections" (for example, "Sample" is a Collection) or Rules (for example, "GenomicCharacterization-obtainedFrom-Sample" is a Rule) and their instances are annotated as Items (for example, "TCGA-01-0001" is an Item of the collection "Samples) or Statements (for example, "TCGA-01-0001"-"provided"-"GC1234" is as Statement that uses the Rule "GenomicCharacterization-obtainedFrom-Sample"). Use the "Query builder" menu to browse the Domain (select a Collection from the top menu to view which attributes may be associated with Items of that collection).

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Navigate the domain to build a query:

You may specify a deployment to perform the query and a project therein. These will be used to populate the query builder with the description of the domain.
You may chose to query an RDF representation of the TCGA data instead
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Choose a collection from the box above to constrain the rules to attributes of that collection. Navigate the Rules until a text box appears - you can chose a value for the chosen attribute, or leave it blank. Click "Add Query", the query will appear in the textbox below. And Or
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